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J. P. Sahu Foundation is a non-profit organization and a charitable trust registered under Indian Trust Act and West Bengal Society Act. The trust is founded by successful entrepreneurs who have got together for a cause.

Our Objective


Why is “OUR OBJECTIVE” important?

Higher Education has to play a vital role in working towards economic growth, personal- independence in the scientific, technological development and mobilization of human resources for our Indian economy; we are already a 66-year-old and the largest multi-cultural democracy in the world. In India, the projected higher education enrolment has increased from 1,00,000 (1 lakh) in our independence year 1947 to 1,53,00,000 (1.53 crore) in 2012. Our higher education Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) is shockingly half the world’s average – FRIGHTFULLY LESS! India’s GER is much lesser than the developed nations (54%) and other developing nations (36%).

Out of that small figure, further 59% of Indian youth suffer from some degree of skill deprivation! Hence, Unemployability is a bigger problem than unemployment! India’s current higher education system is a barrier, as 10,00,000 (10 lakhs) people will join the labour force every month for the next 20 years without adequate training. 80% of India’s higher-education system of year 2030 is yet to be built and needs breaking the difficult trilogy of cost, quality and scale. Massive innovation, investment, and overall free competition are the urgent need for India today!

It is time for us (we Indians) to think of our re-awakening and there is no better way than education through its three levels – primary, secondary and tertiary education. What has been 1900s for US and 1950s for Europe, 2000s is for Indian higher education. Metamorphosis is the need for the day; it is high time we Indians seek for qualitative growth and qualitative development. Today, the time is ripe for stimulating ourselves for a better tomorrow!

Inspiria Knowledge Campus is an initiative of the J P Sahu Foundation with the vision of making the youth more employable and training students to be industry-ready and capable of being valuable addition to any organization.

The managing trustee of Inspiria, Mr. Atul Gupta, is also the founder and CEO of an IT product company named InSync Solutions. Having close relation with InSync allows Inspiria to provide its students greater access to industry-focused quality education and practical skills, thus making them more employable.

Our Activities

Imparting Higher Education

Building a Higher Educational Institute that focuses on making youth more employable, ensuring that they will always be in befitting demand. If the youth of the country are always in demand, there will be less unemployability which is advantageous for India’s economic evolution. The Institute will be in a 5 acres land, driving the principles of the trust to build a quality place for the students.


Scholarship for deserving students

Come to us, if you are a meritorious student but unable to endow tuition fees due to financial restrictions, we will aid you with a scholarship. This scholarship will provide the student with everything needed to attend college and religiously work towards their professional aspirations. The GER data reflects that low employment, especially amongst the underprivileged and we aim in providing education equally among all breaking class boundaries.
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Counseling Program

Our individual and group counseling programs will have Experts giving you solutions to all your career incertitude and help you choose your apt career. One of the fundamental reasons of unemployment is lack of awareness; we help by exploring apt career opportunities that matches your passion and skills. We help students realize their apt career which they are passionate about and thus aiding them with a proper career choice.
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Mr. Lalchand Prasad is the Chairman of J.P. Sahu Foundation and also a founder member and Chairperson of S.H.M.D. School (affiliated to C.B.S.E Board since 1994) for more than 20 years, having vast experience in the field of education and managing institutes. This institute is located at Jaigaon, Dist. Jalpaiguri, W.B. and it always gives excellent results in CBSE Board examinations providing quality education for its students coming from all walks of life. The school has 60 expert teachers who teach around 1400 students to carry on their two-level educations.
Under the leadership of Sir Prasad, the J.P. Sahu Foundation drives the objectives, advocates for the foundation’s issues and helps set the overall direction of the organization. A true humanitarian by heart, Sir Prasad began his philanthropic efforts in year 1994 with the foundation of the school. Thus in the year 2011, he laid the foundation of Inspiria College that is laid around 5 acres of land to empower Indian youth with adequate skills and make them employable.

Support Us


No gift is too small. Your contribution will help benefit those students who cannot continue studies due to financial restrains. Through your donation, we will aid those meritorious deserving students with scholarships. The funds are dedicated to the benefit of students in their curriculum in the manner designated by donors. You can make a difference in the lives of them who needs your aid in building a better tomorrow.


Spread the Word

United we stand! Each two hands leads to a thousand hands when united, so together we can. You raise immense awareness as you share with your family, your own network of friends and their friends and you will slowly reach out to those 10,00,00,000 (10 crore) Indians who needs to be employable and see a better future.


Join us for Volunteering options, if you are a Counsellor, Consultant or a Facilitator and contribute in anything that you can do to meet the basic objective of the trust in making Indian youth more employable. If you feel for the cause, volunteering for the mission as an individual or a team, you can create a positive change in the lives of Indian youth.


Participate in Our activities

You can participate in our activities and bring change in the lives of Indian youth while learning more about the cause and make an immense impact in their life.

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